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Our Drive-Thru Chicken BBQ last month was a huge success.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  We raised over $2,000 for our new parish building and as much for our council!  Congratulations to Inger Helstrom who was the lucky winner of $1,200 in the 50/50 raffle.

Second Tuesday at St. Mary's and by Zoom
Upcoming Events:
Nov 29 First Sunday of Advent
Dec 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Dec 8 Council Meeting (Zoom) 7pm
Dec 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 The Nativity of the Lord, Christmas
Dec 27 Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve
Contact Us:
Grand Knight: Rogelio Flores III
(209) 456-6376 C:(209) 534-7631
Email: rogeliofloresiii@yahoo.com